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Evolution ebook

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16 items

68 pages

132 photographs

Featuring items by
Larry Jennings
Gordon Bean
Helder Guimar„es

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A new sleight with three applications.

The Tumblers
Feeling more comfortable when standing on their heads,
the four Jokers magically turn upside down.

Crimp Hideout
A technique to show all four edges of the deck
while concealing a crimped card.

Reversal Tutorial
With this final application of Rotator, the magician
demonstrates the difference between the modern magician
and those of the "old school."

Twinkle Twinkle
A handling of Bro. John Hamman's "The Twins."

Countback Aces
Larry Jennings
Two spectators freely construct four packets of cards.
Despite the fairness, the top card of each packet is an Ace.
Larry Jennings' streamlined take on Billy O'Connor's
"After the Four Ace Trick."

Gordon Bean Handling
Gordon Bean's handling for Larry Jennings' "Countback Aces."

Helder Guimar„es Handling
Helder Guimar„es’ handling of "Countback Aces"
streamlines the effect even further.

Count Back to Count Down
A simple extension of "Countback Aces." Two spectators
construct four packets and the top card of each
reveals the location of the four Aces.

Addition to Count Back
Four packets are constructed by the spectator's actions. The value
of the top cards of each packet are added together
and then the cards are changed magically into
the four-of-a-kind equal to their total.

Random Locations
Four spectators each take a quarter of a shuffled deck,
select a card from it and lose the card back in their packet
while out of the magician's control. The packets are then
shuffled together and four packets are constructed.
The top cards of each pile are the selections.

Count One Way
Gordon Bean
This final trick inspired by "Countback Aces" is a strong,
hands-off card location from Gordon Bean.

A minimalist approach to Ed Marlo's classic Elevator plot

Duplex Remodeled
This handling of "Duplex" offers a logical climax
courtesy of Gordon Bean.

Duplex Addition
Gordon Bean
Gordon's handling of "Duplex" which inspired "Duplex Remodeled."

Pocket Calculator
The magician demonstrates how he learned arithmetic
from a deck of cards. Two number cards magically locate
an amount of cards equal to their sum and product.


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