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Issue Three

September/October 2002

The Continental Divide

Lee Asher
A face-up deck is shown completely mixed, and then a split second later the red and black cards have separated.

Exhibit "A"
David Regal
A red-backed card marked "Exhibit 'A'" is placed to the table. A blue-backed is selected, signed and lost in the deck. The red-backed card is now shown to be the selection.

The King is Gone, But He's Not Forgotten
Aaron Fisher
Aaron's handling of Bill Goodwin's King Brand from Issue One dispenses with the need for an extra card.

Palm Burst
Nathan Kranzo
A Starburst candy repeatedly penetrates through your hand. For a finale, the candy penetrates your hand leaving the wrapper behind.

Northern Light
J.K. Hartman
Mr. Hartman's take on Stewart James' 51 Faces North from Issue One.

Each issue of The Penumbra is printed on glossy, 8.5" by 11" paper.

18 pages

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