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Issue Four
November/December 2002

Neo Purse Frame Routine

Shoot Ogawa

A coin repeatedly appears and disppears in this visually deceptive handling of the purse frame routine that culminates with the production of a jumbo coin.

Royal Mayo

David Solomon

The two jokers produce a Royal Flush in a surpising manner.

Intuition Monte

Steve Ehlers

Using his intuition, a spectator correctly locates a desired card among a packet. Repeating the demonstration, the spectator's superior concentration causes the packet to tranform into a four of a kind.

Pinkerton's Surprise

Roy Walton

Shannon Clark

Bill Goodwin

A surprise ending for Roy Walton's Pinkerton's Ladies from Issue Two.


51 Paces North

Allan Slaight

Allan Slaight's take on Stewart James's 51 Faces North from Issue One.

Each issue of The Penumbra is printed on glossy, 8.5" by 11" paper.

18 pages

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