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Issue Five
January/February 2003

A Double Shot

Jim Patton

Two selected cards simultaneously fly out of the deck in two different directions.

The California Angels

Bruce Cervon

Inspired by Jim Patton's A Double Shot, Bruce Cervon locates the four aces in a spectacular manner. Two handlings are given.

The Cherry Control

Ricky Smith

A visually deceptive contol of a card to the top of the deck.

Color Scheming

J.K. Hartman

Mr. Hartman's take on Lee Asher's The Continental Divide from Issue Three.

Business Trip
Patrick Schlagel
A finger ring penetrates onto your finger.

Centrifugal Nightmare

Scott SteelFyre

A visual, hands-off finale for The Professor's Nightmare.

Each issue of The Penumbra is printed on glossy, 8.5" by 11" paper.

22 pages

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