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penumbra 7

penumbra 7


Issue Seven
February 2004

Acorn's Progress

Roy Walton

A face-up card in the center of the deck transforms itself into a winning poker hand in a surprising manner.


Harrison Kaplan

Perform Stewart James' classic Miraskill, yet know the exact number of red and black cards that will arrive in the packets.

The Gypsy Fortells Further Than Farther

Cushing Strout

A handling of Stewart James' Further Than That using a Gypsy Witch deck.

Ear Candy

Nathan Kranzo

The magician places a Gummi Bear in his mouth and extracts it from his ear.

Dj Vu Cut
Chris Randall
In this flourishy false cut, two triangles are constructed out of the deck.


Shahin Zarkesch

Bill Goodwin

A selected card vanishes from a packet of aces. Reaching into his pocket, the magician removes the selected card which instantly transforms into the four aces.

Each issue of The Penumbra is printed on glossy, 8.5" by 11" paper.

18 pages

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