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still waters
Still Waters

A collection of card tricks. A two-disc set shot in High Definition. Includes a 15-page booklet.

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PDF format

8 items
          33 pages        132 photographs

3 Color Changes
5 Effects

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Evolution Title Page

PDF format

16 items
          68 pages           132 photographs

Including items by
Larry Jennings - Gordon Bean
- Helder Guimar„es

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A collection of card tricks. 2-1/2 hours of performances and in-depth explanations.

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siamese twins
Siamese Twins

A visual version of Roy Walton's classic effect, Card Warp. Performed completely at the fingertips and with only a single card.

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King Brand

The two red kings and two black fours are sandwiched between each other. They transpose three times with the finale happening in the spectators hand.

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A three-phase sandwich routine that culminates with the selection visually jumping in between the two jacks.

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linking laces
Linking Laces

Walk up to anybody and instantly link the two loops of their shoelaces. At the conclusion, the spectator can walk away with her laces genuinely linked. Completely impromptu.

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penumbra logo
The Penumbra

A magic publication that offers contributions from Allan Ackerman, Lee Asher, John Carney, Jack Carpenter, Bruce Cervon, Ernest Earick, Aaron Fisher, J.K. Hartman, Guy Hollingworth, Stewart James, Ray Kosby, Nathan Kranzo, Max Maven, Shoot Ogawa, David Regal, Roy Walton, and Michael Weber.

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